The "deskee" is a document holder or copy stand for data entry, and also acts as a monitor stand raising the monitor to a convenient height.


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Document holder/lectern for data entry and monitor stand.

Eye strain is a constant risk when working more than 4 hours per day in front of a screen with the symptoms generally being felt towards the end of the day.

Disorders are characterised by an overall feeling of discomfort, tingling, burning, blurred vision, and can frequently be the cause of intense headaches.

Ophthalmologists advise that documents should not be more than 20 cm from the screen, and should be slightly inclined in order to limit the impact of variations in the pupils and thus reduce eye strain.

The Deskee document holders ensure that your documents are conveniently held closer to the screen, and limits strain the on the eyes.

Raising the monitor helps maintain a level vision, greatly reducing the risk of discomfort.

Our deskee is made entirely out of recycled cardboard. Lightweight and mobile, it enables a wide range of uses, document holder, PC and tablet stand, or a lectern for reading.