The « restee » is an arm rest designed to reduce fatigue to the wrists, arms, shoulders and neck.



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Our innovative arm rest  « restee » creates a feeling of comfort and general well-being for your arms, your shoulders and your neck.

Using it daily will enable you to rediscover and even rethink your workstation by removing the discomfort and pain associated with poor posture which can cause so much damage to the body.

Its ease of installation enables either fixed or mobile usage possible, dependant on the task in hand: in front of a screen, at a work station requiring accurate precise work, or on an industrial or laboratory work bench.

Its design in injected plastic, with its system of removable and adjustable brackets adapts to the thickness of the work surface.

These features allow quick storage and easy transport from one site to another (weight 900g, delivered in a protective case).

A washable protective cover is also supplied as an accessory ensuring that conditions of hygiene are respected if a work station is shared.

Whether working from home, in a meeting room, the  « restee » meets the need and expectations of what we today call "nomadic" work.

Unique, our  « restee » is currently the subject of an international patent application.