The creation of weesme… "the easy ergonomy"

weesme was born in 2011 out of a meeting between three ergonomics and design enthusiasts. In their ongoing quest to bring a sense of comfort and well-being into their day-to-day lives, they decided to combine their solid professional skills and expertise in workstation management and industrial engineering and turn their concept into reality.

Their joint commitment has resulted in an innovative approach to this field : examining and reassessing the market supply of ergonomic accessories in order to make them "easy" and "accessible to all".

Take these wheels ! No thanks; We are too busy.

The Findings

Our lifestyles have kept pace with technological innovations without considering the long-term impacts on our health. Computers and online tools are now an integral part of our environment and, whether at home or in the workplace, have become our constant "companions".

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of public awareness campaigns on the risks associated with their use, especially their impact among young people.

The figures published each year by social protection institutions, which reveal the deterioration of our health status, must be taken into account. Sick leaves caused by musculoskeletal disorders and stress-related illnesses are gradually increasing. The findings are alarming for our younger generation at a time when learning in front of a screen is becoming widespread.

The Context

Without favouring one over the other, we identified two approaches aimed at improving working conditions.

The first approach, "complying with the obligations", revolves around prevention and safety.

Employers have an obligation to provide identified and regulated material and employees have an obligation to use it, e.g. helmets on construction sites, reinforced shoes, etc.

The second approach, "complying with the recommendations", revolves around recommended actions that will help reduce the impact of certain constraints on our bodies. Employers and employees are not required to use a particular type of material. The dangers are less obvious.

We have decided to dedicate ourselves to this trend.

The Idea

We observe, question, and share information with you that will enable us to rethink and redesign tools that will meet your expectations in terms of price, mobility and variation of use. Innovation makes our accessories simple and attractive, thereby respecting your desire to acquire current, well-designed, and responsible products.

By making our industrial partners aware of our approach, they will be investing in and supporting us in our effort to help you discover (for our younger generation) or rediscover well-being and comfort when using your online tools.

The Results

When you choose a weesme accessory, you are not simply purchasing a product - you are getting fully involved in current public health issues.

When you choose a weesme accessory, you are also getting rid of stress-induced disorders caused by repeated poor positioning with tools that are essential in our economic and private lives.

When you use weesme accessories, you are supporting our younger generation, helping them maintain as well as pay attention to their health..

When you choose a weesme accessory, you are challenging yourself to change your working habits.

The most dangerous phrase is indisputably: "we've always done it that way".